Version: 1.2.3-8017 Update 4


Version: 1.2.3-8017-4

Important Note

1. The update will be available for all regions within the next few days, although the release time in each region may vary slightly.
2. For users currently on SRM 1.2.3 8017 Update 3: Due to issues introduced in Update 3, certain scheduled tasks no longer function as expected. If you have set up and used the following features, manual actions will be required to restore functionality.

Checking for Updates & Installing Updates
- SRM automatically checks for updates in the background and sends notifications to devices you have set up, such as DS router on your mobile device. These features may not work properly if you are on Update 3. Please log in to SRM, then go to Control Panel > System > Update & Restore to initiate the update process.
- If you have configured SRM only to download updates or to download and install updates, this option will be reset and disabled. You will have to manually go to the Update & Restore page to select the option and set up the schedule again.

Security Advisor’s Scan Schedule
- If previously enabled, scan schedules will be reset and replaced with a random day and time (this is the default behavior when setting up Security Advisor). Please go to Security Advisor > Advanced and set up a customized schedule.

Domain User/Group Update Schedule
- If your Synology Router has joined a domain, you will need to reconfigure the automatic update interval at Control Panel > User > Domain.

Router Scheduled Reboot
- If your Synology Router is set up to reboot on a schedule, this option will become disabled and you will need to reconfigure the date and/or interval settings at Control Panel > Device > Reboot Schedule.

3. The following scheduled functions do not require additional user actions to restore to full functionality after updating to Update 4:
- Traffic reports
- Wi-Fi guest network’s password rotation
- Support Center’s remote access
- Certificate renewal (not user configurable)

Fixed Issues

1. Fixed SRM being unable to save and perform certain scheduled tasks: automatic updates, rebooting, Wi-Fi password rotation, Security Advisor’s scans, Support Center’s remote access, domain user/group update, and sending traffic reports.
2. Fixed display issues with update notification emails sent by SRM. ... ck/8017-4/

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