SRM 1.1.7-6941

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SRM 1.1.7-6941

Post autor: psmanek » czw maja 24, 2018 4:19 pm

Pojawił się SRM 1.1.7-6941:

Version: 1.1.7-6941

What's New
  • Added support for IPv6 relay.
  • Added support for IPv6 DS-Lite.
  • Added support for FLET's IPv6 service in Japan.
  • Added support for subnet mask configuration for guest network.
  • Updated Privacy Statement and adjusted related settings.
Fixed Issues
  • Fixed an issue where Traffic Control might not work properly on 3G/LTE interface.
  • Fixed an issue where channel selection for 2.4GHz band might not be available with 40MHz bandwidth.
  • Fixed an issue where PPPoE might not work properly with certain ISPs.
Security Updates
  • Fixed a security vulnerability regarding PostgreSQL (CVE-2018-1058).
  • Fixed a security vulnerability (Synology-SA-18:25)
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Linux kernel (CVE-2017-15649, CVE-2018-1000199).
  • Fixed a security vulnerability regarding DHCP (CVE-2018-5732).
  • Fixed a security vulnerability regarding 7-Zip (CVE-2017-17969).