Active Backup for Business 2.1.0-0985

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Active Backup for Business 2.1.0-0985

Post autor: mikhnal »

Version: 2.1.0-0985

Removed support for customized storage clean up settings Compatibility and Installation
Active Backup for Business 2.1.0 must be installed on Synology products running DSM 6.2 and above.

What’s New:
Added support for customizing denied and allowed backup time with backup window settings
Added support for configuring the execution time of the retention policy
Added support for keeping the minimum number of restore points
Added support for backing up virtual machines running Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 and 2019
Added support for restoring VMware vSphere virtual machine with distributed switch or with NVME controller disk
Added support for PC backup triggered by events, such as PC screen locked, starting up, and user signing out
Added support for inserting the argument (NAS IP address, username, password, and Active Backup for Business icon creation) to the .msi installer for mass deployment of Active Backup for Business agent
Added support for volume-based restoration for PCs and physical servers
Added support for offline agent update via the command line
Added support for backing up external hard drives for PCs and physical servers
Added support for backing up physical servers running Windows Server 2019
Added support for block-level deduplication for SMB file server backup
Added support for performing multiple SMB file server backup tasks concurrently

Fixed Issues (General Issues):
Fixed an issue where the backup task might be suspended when the log file was too large
Fixed an issue where the report schedule might not be effective after the schedule setting was configured again
Fixed an issue where backup might fail when the system memory was reduced to a smaller size
Fixed an issue where Instant Restore to Synology Virtual Machine Manager or backup verification might fail when the backed up device contained more than two disks
Fixed an issue where Btrfs share folders without Active Backup for Business data could not be moved to an ext4 volume

Fixed Issues (Servers and Workstations):
Fixed an issue where users without administrative permission could not change the restored path when restoring file/folder
Fixed an issue where the additional disk which did not contain system volume might be backed up when selecting system volume backup mode
Fixed an issue where restored files could not be edited after restoring files under home directory

Fixed Issues (Virtual Machines):
Fixed an issue where VMware backup task might fail when the datacenter contains the "&" character
Fixed an issue where VMware backup task might fail when the backed up virtual machine did not have network adapter or connection
Fixed an issue where VMware backup task might fail when it was configured with only pre-script or post-script
Fixed an issue where virtual machine performance might be slow when there were too many snapshots on the source virtual machine
Fixed an issue where the data transfer compression might not be supported on VMware vSphere 5.5/6.0

Fixed Issues (File Server):
Fixed an issue where the VSS-enabled backup task might fail when the name of source share folder contained the "$" character at the end
Fixed an issue where the status of rsync file server backup task might be partial success when the source folder was empty
Fixed an issue where Active Backup for Server might fail to be upgraded to Active Backup for Business when the name of backed up data contained drive letter format

Limitation and Known Issues:
Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines with 5.0 configuration or previous versions are not supported


Paczka: ... .1.0-0985/

Agent: ... ws/x86_64/
DSM 6.2.4-25556
2x 16GB RAM KSM24SED8/16ME DDR4 2400 CL17 ECC mod
6x 10TB WD Red WD100EFAX RAID5 btrfs
2x SNV3400 read/write SSD cache @ E10M20-T1 + 10GbE LAN
2x SilverStone FW91 fan mod
RT2600ac + MR2200ac
SRM 1.2.5-8227
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Re: Active Backup for Business 2.1.0-0985

Post autor: michau »

Active Backup for Business działa tylko na Btrfs więc dla mnie jest niedostępny :(

Mogliby usprawnić instalowanie pakietów z Centrum w taki sposób, że przed zainstalowaniem danego pakietu konfiguracja DSM i sprzętowa byłaby sprawdzana czy możliwe będzie korzystanie z danego pakietu.
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