SRM 1.1.4-6509 Update 1

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SRM 1.1.4-6509 Update 1

Post autor: mikhnal » śr cze 07, 2017 5:59 pm

Pojawił się SRM 1.1.4-6509 Update 1:


Version: 1.1.4-6509-1

What's new
1.You can now enable/disable SIP option.

Fixed issues
1.Enhanced the security of Website History in Traffic Monitor.
2.Enhanced the security of Traffic Report.
3.Enhanced the security of SRM to prevent unauthorized access to certain files.
4.Improved port forwarding performance on RT2600ac.
5.Fixed an issue where PPPoE relay might not work properly through wireless connection.
6.Fixed an issue where Parental Control might not display properly.
7.Fixed an issue where Web-filter might not work properly when IPv6 service is enabled.
8.Fixed an issue where the previous Web-filter profile setting might be cleared when any other profiles are set up.
9.Fixed an issue where Traffic Control on RT2600ac might not work properly when IPTV and VoIP are enabled.
10.Fixed an issue where certain content in Traffic Report might not display properly.
11.Fixed an issue where the Internet Allowed Time function in Parental Control might not work properly after Synology Router reboots.
12.Fixed an issue where Traffic Monitor might not work properly.

CVE Security Updates
1.Fixed a security vulnerability regarding Samba (CVE-2017-7494).
DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 1
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SRM 1.2-7742 Update 1