SRM 1.1.5-6542



What's New
1. Added mask for the shared secret for WPA/WPA2-Enterprise setup.
2. Added support for Site-to-Site VPN official version with performance enhancement.

Fixed Issues
1. Fixed an issue where port forwarding might not work properly when the load balancing and failover functions of Smart WAN are both enabled.
2. Fixed an issue where the system might fail to access the Internet via PPPoE from certain ISPs in Japan.
3. Fixed an issue where client devices might fail to wirelessly connect to RT1900ac.
4. Fixed an issue where IPv6 might be abnormally enabled under a PPPoE connection.
5. Fixed an issue where the Wireless page might not work properly when Synology Router is switched to a country/region where 160MHz is not supported.
6. Fixed an issue where the Internet connection might be down upon removal of Ethernet cable from LAN 1 when failover function of Smart WAN is enabled.
7. Fixed an issue where the system might not stop PPTP connection properly.
8. Fixed an issue where the system might not access the Internet properly after successfully establishing an L2TP connection.
9. Fixed an issue where Firewall might not work properly.
10. Fixed an issue where Customized Policies in Parental Control might not work properly.
11. Minor bug fixes.

CVE Security Updates
1. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding DNS (CVE-2017-12132).
2. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Linux Kernel (CVE-2017-1000364, CVE-2017-1000365, CVE-2017-1000370, CVE-2017-1000371).[/quote]

DS218+ - DSM 6.2.2-24922-2
RS2212RP+ - DSM 6.2.2-24922-2

Re: SRM 1.1.5-6542

Dzięki za info, wyprzedziłeś mnie.
DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 2
16GB RAM DDR4 2400 CL17 ECC
6x WD Red 6TB RAID 5 btrfs
2x Samsung SM961 512GB M.2 read/write SSD cache @ M2D18
2x SilverStone FW91 fan mod
APC Back USP ES 700G
RT2600ac + MR2200ac
SRM 1.2.2-7915

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