I am new in the forum... and I don't speak Polish (not good enough)... :x
I need help for setup and configuration for a future installation in small business.

Dziękuję bardzo, Tierso

PS. I don't expect free help... but if it is free that'll be ok

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Hello, where are you from?
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Hi there, I am from France but I work and live in Warsaw, Poland.

Would you know anyone who could help in my project? Thank you, Tierso

PS. Sorry I didn't answer earlier I thought I would receive notification by default.

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Hi, just ask a question on this forum (moderator will move your thread to a proper forum section) and we will try to help you. There is also synology's english forum:
so you may put your question there if you want.
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Hi Wilu, thank you for your answer.

As a start here are my questions based on 25 users in my company with Win10 and MacBooks:
1) I would like to replace a Windows Active Directory hosted on a virtual machine by a physical Synology and Active Directory Server.
a) Is that possible (I read it is)?
b) Are there any differences of performances expected?
2) Emails are managed by our IT Service (for the mail server) and Storage Supplier for the data:
a) Can I use Synology for hosting Mail Server and Data? (3 domains + 50 email accounts)
b) What about migration of data? Is that even possible?
c) Are there any issues with performances to be expected?

Thank you, Tierso

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