Surveillance Station 8.0.0-5070 beta


Pojawiła się beta Surveillance Station 8.0.0-5070 ... on_80_beta ... .0.0-5070/

Na razie brak changelogu.

PS: Aplikacja dostępowa działa rewelacyjnie!


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Re: Surveillance Station 8.0.0-5070 beta

mikhnal pisze: Na razie brak changelogu.
jest i change log ;)
Compatibility and Installation

Surveillance Station 8.0.0 is only compatible with Synology products running DSM 6.0-7321 and above.
Ended support for PSIA protocol.
What's New

New feature of failover for recording servers to ensure maximum up time of surveillance services.
Added support for switching among multiple live-view streams manually or automatically based on different events.
Added support for automatically switching among multiple video recording streams based on different events.
You can now set up multiple events in a rule to trigger actions in Action Rule application.
New available event of "Digital input inactive" and action of "Stop action rule recording" in Action Rule application.
Added support for AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) official suites including Perimeter Defender, Digital Autotracking, Cross Line Detection, and Video Motion Detection.
Added support for camera's PIR motion detection.
Added support for H.265 video codec, Hikvision camera models’ H.264+ video codec, and Smart Codec function of Zavio camera models.
New function of pop-up live-view windows as alert in Live View application.
You can now download a specified video clip of a recording file.
You can now set up a permanent stream sharing path.
View permissions on recording servers are now configurable.
Added support for advanced filter function in Snapshot application.
Added support for archive rotation function in Log application.
New application of Client Management for managing clients' connections.
Resource monitor is now available to display information on network traffic, memory usage, and CPU loading of Synology NAS/NVR device.
You can now determine whether to display the time on server or client.

Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue where the two-way audio may not function properly when Surveillance Station is logged in via QuickConnect.
Fixed an issue where certain cameras may be cleared of preset positions after added to Surveillance Station.
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