Surveillance Station 7.2.2-4649

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Surveillance Station 7.2.2-4649

Post autor: mikhnal » wt cze 21, 2016 12:09 pm

Pojawił się update do 7.2.2-4649 a w nim sporo zmian:


Version: 7.2.2-4649

Compatibility and Installation
[list][*]Surveillance Station 7.2.2 must be installed on Synology products running DSM 6.0-7321 and above.[/list]
What’s New
[list][*]Higher level of integration with Axis Door Controller A1001 provides more configurable advanced settings in Surveillance Station.
[*]Added support to set mounted CIFS folders as recording storage.
[*]Added support for DPI and zoom in/ out display in web browsers.
[*]Added support of recording database re-index to fix the inconsistency of recording list and the physical recording files.
[*]Added generic camera API support from HikVision to enhance the compatibility for its upcoming surveillance product models.
[*]Added new function to automatically fix system database error caused by unexpected power failure.
[*]Enhanced privilege settings for administrators to manage export/mount recording privileges.
[*]Administrators now can view the account information of events' operators in Log application.[/list]
Fixed Issues
[list][*]Enhanced Timeline seeking performance.
[*]Enhanced Live View stability.
[*]Enhanced compatibility of H.264 high profile codec of HikVision cameras.
[*]Optimized stream connection mechanism to prevent out-of-memory issue under high loading environment.
[*]Adjusted the options in PTZ Speed Control page: the option of "Keep original camera settings" will not be configurable if the camera does not support the speed settings.
[*]Fixed an issue where Surveillance Station may restart when logged in via QuickConnect.
[*]Fixed an issue where the recording rotation may not work properly when a recording size is over 2GB.
[*]Fixed an issue where all recipients may not receive event snapshots just because the verification of only some recipients fails.
[*]Fixed an issue where users may not log in to Surveillance Station normally when using DSM alias.
[*]Fixed an issue where the recordings may not be deleted normally under certain circumstances.
[*]Fixed an issue where the live-view stream may not display normally when live view and recording are streamed separately with multicast being enabled.
[*]Fixed an issue where the live-view stream on DS cam for iOS may not display correctly when mobile and recording streams are set as different ones.
[*]Fixed an issue where migrating/mounting recordings from recording server may not work properly when the recording server is in a domain.[/list]


DSM 6.2-23511 Beta 2
16GB RAM DDR4 2400 CL17 ECC
6x WD Red 6TB RAID 5 btrfs
2x WD Blue M.2 250GB RAID 1 SSD Read/Write Cache @ M2D17
2x Noctua A9 FLX fan mod
APC Back USP ES 700G
SRM 1.1.6-6931 Update 3
16GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC U3